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Who says that space magazines need to look like a sci-fi movie? Astro takes the liberty of educating those who are interested in learning about what's happening in space without the complex terminology and imagery displaying bursts of rays. Readers of Astro don't have to feel the need to be a scholar in order to learn about space, all they need is sheer curiosity. Astro defies our ideas of space and enters a world where we fathom this dark and vast place differently than we're used to.

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Our existance is the result of an epic battle between matter and anti matter. Matter won. It's been argued that equal amounts of these matters were created during the very early stages of the universe. Based on that note, we technically shouldn't be existing on earth right now, and here we are. The fued between matters continue, and tensions are high. The visual rendition of this battle is supplemented by the ethos of punk, where anger and chaos is alive and screaming.

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Time is one of the most essentials foundations in our relationship with the earth. Everything that we do is based on a biologicial rhythm. Time determines when we eat, sleep, wake, work, and how we think. Without this structure, our minds would be lost in sheer chaos. The art direction for these spreads helps the reader imagine a life where time is non-existant, where things are flipped upside down, and where structure is void.

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