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Snowbombing is a festival in the isolated mountains of Mayrhofen, Austria. Tons of die hard snowboarders gather from all over to meet one another, and, well... rage. Filled with insane costumes, snow surfing, igloo partying, and all night shows, this festival is like no other. For this special year of all night events, Snowbombing needed these series of events to exist seperately from the normal annual occasion. The goal was to express the notion from day to night throughout each piece that the audience comes into contact with.

make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.
Candid Moments
Augment App
Stay Connected

Augment has an app specifically for the users attending the festival series as it takes place away from normal society. Users can meet other go-ers, interactively navigate through the premise, and share photos. This is an app that solely exists in the world of Augment, where the weird and adrenaline comes to life.

Location Location Location

The world is at our fingertips, and the venue is large. This interactive map lets event-goers know where they're going at all times, and let's them know where everything is. Drop a mark and you're good to go.

Paragliding Component
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Area Map
Event Guide

A curated set of deliverables were needed to greet the viewers in and throughout the festival. The events guide book greets the audience upon entry with a fold out map and calendar that allows the audience to naviagte around the festival and keep each event in mind while being able to shove it in their pocket without worry.

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Foldout Map and Calendar
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