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Hob Nob serves the Great Northwest by providing hand crafted fresh food, warm conversation, brews from all over the Northwest. Aside from busting out 5-star dishes and great crisp sips, Hob Nob does their part in tandum with various non-profits in the area. Pay it forward by grabbing a beer and a meal for a friend, a coworker, or anyone walking in. Located in St. Helens, Oregon. Welcome home.

All About Linking Up

This identity needed to kick off with a mark that encompasses a proud piece of the puzzle that makes the chain of locals & visitors in St. Helens along with a color palette that represents breathtaking craft beer.

Hob Nob Logo
Color Palette
Inspired by the Great Northwest

The color palette is inspired by every beer under the sun and geography of the Pacific Northwest.

More than just a Brewhouse

Hob Nob isn't just a brewhouse, and it's not just for adults. It's a place that prides itself of the open doors for anyone to walk through and feel at home.

Hob Nob A-Frame Signage
Hob Nob Billboard
Paying it Forward

The membership app lets people translate their spending into donations to their favorite organizations with the mission of paying it forward.

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