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This flow chart was designed to give the curious future hot sauce lover a way to figure out which hot sauce they should try without someone needing to suggest specific kinds types face to face. This was a great way to take a large concept and dissect it into smaller parts while turning it into a visually stimulating and useful experience.

Hot Sauce Infograph
Easy Picking Brought to Life

It's no secret that hot sauce has made its way to stardom from festival to festival. What about the casual who's lost in the world of thousands of sauces and doesn't know what to pick? This interactive flow chart helps the casual hot sauce taster do just that.

Piece of Personality

Each badge contains hover states that are accustomed to their personality. The holes of burning badges get bigger, the blobs of lava begin to spread, the drops of citrus get juicier, and the piles of grain spread out.

Journey for Heat Based Sauces
Journey for flavor Based Sauces
Product description
Product description Wireframe
Chili Cross Section
JalapeƱo Cross Section
Habanero Cross Section
Hot Sauce Infograph Poster