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Chops or not, Ilo is a community platform designed for illustrators of all levels. Creatives can share their work, communicate, show nods of appreciation, challenge eachother, and learn lessons along the way.

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Ideation and Personas

The unique forms and sentiment behind the logo became the focal point of the brand, expressing the notion of a path carved rather than a path taken. The continuity of this theme found its way into the pattern, also built with with the primary logo.

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Classic Techniques in
a Modern World

Each photo can be broken down into a science that frames the foundation of a drawing or a painting. Concepts like value, form, and perspective are distributed into filters that aspiring artists can study.

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An Illustrators Playground

The tools at our fingertips let us see the world through concepts once only explained in textbooks. Snap a picture of any object and learn that everything can be broken down into basic shapes.

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Join those exploring the art of illustration in all types of mediums. Share your work and give feedback to others within a familiar in which you're familiar.

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