The Listeners Project interview kit


Sharing the stories of Walla Walla, Washington's community through interviewing, empowering, and understanding one another. Many of us live in communities with people we see all the time, but we may not understand their experiences.

My dream is to go to college and be a role model for my family quote
The brand was dialed and ready to go, so the next step was to use it to its full advantage within the interview kit

Interviewers are able to check out the Interview Kit at the Walla Walla library. Inside is a recorder, instructions on recording, interview etiquette, suggestion questions for kids and adults, and a reflection journal that allows for both parties to recollect on the interview in any artistic way they choose.

Interview kit
Close-up of Interview kit

Questions for kids came in the form of flash cards, allowing for the brand presence to shine and allowing for kids to find them engaging.

Kids questions flash cards
“Uncertainty. Fear. Communication. Responsibility.” 2021. Reflection Journal drawing of an interviewee by “Listener” Joel.

“Uncertainty. Fear. Communication. Responsibility.” 2021. Reflection Journal drawing of an interviewee by “Listener” Joel.

Using Squarespace, we built a custom website designed to get the word out about the project and to teach people about how the process works. We implented the dual language format manually, in order to ensure that the translations come from human minds, and not automation.

In order to maintain the brand's lively and approachable charm, we used the brand's pattern to create typographic treatments for the main tagline. This notion was also implented as headlines for each page on their website.

Amplifying the Voices of Our Community tagline
Website page headlines
Table Runner


Done at Porque Creative alongside Ovidio Francisco-Juan and Project Manager Katia Vargas. A massive thank you to the Walla Walla Immigrant Rights Coalition and Colectivo de Arte Social for the collaboration with content management and art direction.

Logo and brand theme designed by Tiana Rassmussen and Angela Moreno. Tagline typography treatment and brand implementation by me.