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When expirimentalism meets altruism, you get a morale boosting powerhouse located in Portland, Oregon. Together Lab is a relationship based organization with their sights set on bettering the community by partnering with organizations that do just that. Whether they’re supporting youth leadership or starting a community garden, they’re there to make society a better place.

What if we didn't compete — for people, ideas, or grants — and instead nourished the space between us?
The Leaven Community Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon United Methodist Church Interfaith Movement

Community Engagement Director Jeanie Whitten and Pastor/Community Organizer Ron Werner Jr. founded Together Lab with the vision of helping activist and faith-based organizations accomplish their goals by levereging their social background. The most important goal of the brand was to emphasize that Together Lab works a bit differently than their collaborators, as they don't focus on one sole service. They're there to assist in any way they can.

Together Lab needed a fresh identity that encompasses their unique approach to elevating the wellness of the community.
Primary Wordmark

The brand process started with designing a logo that reflects a unique approach to nourishing the strength of the community. The stacked and extended typographic forms echo the support from one person to another, while the subtractions create an abstraction that echoes their outside of the box thinking.

A secondary logo was designed to comfortably fit into horizontal spaces

Secondary Wordmark
Newsletter, stationary, magazine mockup, and brand guidelines

Together Lab carries their actions under specific initiatives. To honor this, we created icons that act as a mark to categorize what lens their missions are being done by. These icons are centered around echoing support, connectivity, coming together as one, and problem solving.

Initiative icons

The unique forms and sentiment behind the logo became the focal point of the brand, expressing the notion of a path carved rather than a path taken. The continuity of this theme found its way into the pattern, also built with with the primary logo.

Visual system

In order to launch the brand, we built a website that works as a hub that lets partners and investors know what they do and gives them the opportunity to donate. We implemented the brand theme alongside the information describing their initiatives and achievements.

We are movement leaders, clergy, human rights defenders, scholars, and everyday people.

In order to keep their partners and investors up to date on what they’ve been up to, we designed a newsletter template that’s built for print and to send digitally. This template was built as a starting point for them to simply swap images and text information for later issues.

Lab Notes cover, letter to editor, and table of contents. Lab Notes main article. Lab Notes Story Highlights Lab Notes back cover


Done at Porque Creative alongside Ovidio Francisco-Juan and Project Manager Katia Vargas. A massive thank you to the founders of Together Lab Jeanie Whitten and Ron Werner Jr. for trusting us to build their brand and collaborating with us every step of the way, and a massive thank you to The Beauty Shop for recommending us for the project.